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Click on the link to read four of my translations of poems by Amsterdam poet laureate Marjolijn van Heemstra featured in The Amsterdam Review, Spring 2023

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The Sound Track

Rens Machielse

I would just like to than you personally for the great translation of my book! About nine months ago, I was thinking, “Let's see how far I get with my own knowledge of the English language + Google translate”… If I look at what that generated and what you have now produced: what a world of difference! It's a good thing there are still professionals as good as you! - the author

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COBRA, the last avant-garde movement of the twentieth century

Willemijn Stokvis

"Rosalind produced an excellent translation from the Dutch of my 416-page standard work on the Cobra avant-garde movement in a relatively short time, often finding original solutions for difficult parts. Her language is beautiful and easy to read" - the author

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Deference to Doubt.jpg

Deference to Doubt

Prof Herman van Praag

Aan het einde gekomen van de vertaling wil ik u graag laten weten dat ik zeer in mijn schik ben met uw werk. Knap werk. Vakwerk! - Professor Herman van Praag, author

This volume is a rare intellectual treat, to be relished by those ready and willing to explore these great issues along with Amos (the narrator) - The Jerusalem Report

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The I Ching in Plain English

George Hulskramer

The I Ching in Plain English is a very good lighter alternative to the more scholarly Richard Wilhelm translation
Chris, 5-star Amazon review

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