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"A natural born performer, Buck has clearly thought about every word and in Frankenstein, which she has adapted and abridged for performance, she radiates a passionate energy... Finding the poetry in Shelley’s gothic prose, Buck manages to deliver an unforgettable tale whilst also leaving enough room for the imagination of her audience to blossom" To see the full review, click on the button

reviews: Testimonials

Online Applause

Loved it! You have an amazing way of drawing us in to the story

Sherrie, USA

I WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN! Thanks so much for doing this!! it was brilliant and I’m now even more in love with vampires

Iris, UK
The Long Undead

Brava! Compelling performance

Samantha, UK
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Thoroughly enjoyed that, I'm sure there's a little Russian magic sewn into my quilt now - thank you!

Laure, USA
Dark Russian Fairy Tales

Love these stories and the little community that has grown around them. Feels like family

Debs, UK

SO enjoyed those stories, and your way of reading them!

Mim, UK
Short stories by Virginia Woolf and Katherine Mansfield

Equally hilarious and appalling.
I don't know what to say. Brilliant and horrific. 
Stomach-churningly good.
I’m terrified that was amazing.

The Feast of Stephen

Macabre and lovely

Ain't Dead Yest, UK
Nevermore (Edgar Allan Poe stories)

Didn't see that coming!

Lucy, NL
Hare Raising, told by Grannie Garstleigh

reviews: Testimonials
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