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Literary Translation

I am approved by the Dutch Foundation for Literature for the translation of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Below is a list of the book translations I have had published. I also regularly translate poetry by Dutch and Flemish poets for publication and for performance at poetry festivals.

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  • Jolien Plantinga, My Sensational Body, living with Lyme, 2022 (autobiographical)

  • Rens Machielse, The Sound Track. Utrecht: HKU University of the Arts, 2020 (audiovisual media) for Textware, Utrecht

  • Prof. Herman van Praag. Deference to Doubt. Jerusalem: Urim Publications, 2020 (religious philosophical novel)

  • Nirav Christophe. 10 Thousand Idiots. Utrecht: HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, 2019 (theatre) for Textware, Utrecht

  • Janine Jager. Ballgowns and Bolsheviks. Naarden: Strengholt, 2019 (autobiographical historical novel)

  • Willemijn Stokvis. Cobra, The Way to Spontaneity, revised and expanded edition. Rotterdam: nai010, 2017 (art history)

  • Berthilde Vanroy. Love is an Octopus. 2016, private publication (lifestyle)

  • Bart van Rosmalen. The Return of the Muses, public values in professional practices. Utrecht: Utrecht University of the Arts, 2016 for Textware, Utrecht

  • Studio Beshart. Circus Chapito. Antwerp: WPG, 2014 (children’s picture book)

  • ** Willy Vandersteen. Amoras – Suske & Wiske. Antwerp: WPG 2014 (graphic novel)

  • Heal the Planet in Eighty Days, Marc Juncker, November 2012 (ecology)

  • Cees de Jong. 1000 Posters. Blaricum: V+K, 2010 (art)

  • Berthilde Vanroy. The Secret of the Chies. Published by author, 2010 (children’s novel)

  • Joost Smiers, Marieke van Schijndel. Imagine There is no Copyright and no Cultural Conglomerates, Too. Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures 2009 (political sociology)

  • Raphael Buedts. Ghent: SMAK, 2010 (art)

  • Beyond the Picturesque. Ghent: SMAK, 2009 (art)

  • Cees de Jong. Typeface Classification. Blaricum: V+K, 2010 (typography)

  • Jan Peet & Willibrord Rutten. A History of Mining in Limburg. Utrecht: Textware, 2009 (history)

  • Berthilde Vanroy. The Formula for Happiness. Published by author, 2009 (self help)

  • Jan Tholenaar. Collecting Type Specimens. Blaricum: V+K, 2009 (typography)

  • Willemijn Stokvis. Cobra 1948 – 1951, Back to the Sources of Art and Life. London: Lund Humphries, 2008 (art history)

  • Nirav Christophe. Writing in the Raw, the myths of writing. Amsterdam: International Theatre & Film Books (It&fb), 2008 (the art of writing) for Textware, Utrecht

  • Harry Gruyaert & Charles-Arthur Boyer. Edges. Translated from the French by Rosalind Buck. Amsterdam: Mets & Schilt, 2007 (photo book)

  • Chris de Bode & Jeroen Wielaert. Tour du monde. Amsterdam: Mets & Schilt 2007 (photo book)

  • Carl De Keyzer & Peter De Graeve. Trinity. Amsterdam: Mets & Schilt 2007 (photo book)

  • Frank Bovenkerk & Yücel Yeşgöz. The Turkish Mafia. Preston: Milo Books, 2007 (history/crime)

  • Karina Schaapman. Motherless. London: John Murray, 2007 (autobiography)

  • Ben & Elly Bos. History of the Alliance Graphique Internationale. Translated from Dutch, French and German and edited by Rosalind Buck and Hans Vatter.  Blaricum: V+K (AGI), 2007 (art history)

  • Cees de Jong (compilation). Sans Serif, a history of contemporary typography, translated from Dutch and German and edited by Rosalind Buck and Hans Vatter. Blaricum: V+K, 2006 (typography)

  • Cees de Jong (compilation). Creative Type, Blaricum: V+K, 2005 (typography)

  • Martijn F. Le Coultre. Dolly Rudeman, poster artist. Blaricum: V+K, 2005 (art history)

  • Cees de Jong (compilation). Type Today, a history of contemporary typography. Translated from Dutch and German and edited by Rosalind Buck and Hans Vatter. Blaricum: V+K, 2005 (typography)

  • Willemijn Stokvis. Cobra, The Way to Spontaneity. London: Lund Humphries, 2004 (art history)

  • Marius Broekmeyer. Stalin, the Russians and Their War, 1941-1945. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2004 (war history and writings)

  • George Hulskramer. I Ching in Plain English. London: Souvenir Press, 2004

  • * Henk van Gelder. Charles Verschuuren poster artist 1891-1955. Blaricum: V+K, 2003 (art history)

  • * Tracy Metz et al. Innovative and Transparent. Amsterdam: Ing Bank (V+K, Blaricum), 2003 (architecture)

  • * Ernst von Meijenfeldt et al. Below Ground Level. Basel: Birkhaüser, 2003 (architecture)

  • * Marlies Hoeskamp-Mazgon. Palais de Hollande in Istanbul. Amsterdam: Boom (for the Dutch Consulate in Turkey), 2003 (history)

  • * Teun Voeten. How de Body. NY: St Martin’s Press, 2002 (war diary)

* under the name Roz Vatter-Buck

** under the name Roz

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